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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Nine years ago this month, I started blogging. Wow. To put that in perspective, Emily was just four years old, Katherine was almost two and Julia had not yet graced us with her presence. The girls are now thirteen, almost eleven ,and six. Somehow, nine years seems even longer when I think about it in those terms.

Nine years of my life have been chronicled for the world to see. This blog (and other incarnations of it) has been with me through many trials and tribulations, births and deaths, joys and sadness. It has helped see things in a different light, made me laugh, and made me cry, either through my writing or responses to it. It has been therapeutic in ways that I couldn't even begin to express. Perhaps most importantly it has helped me remember...remember some of the little things that I otherwise may have forgotten as time passing tends to make us do...remember some of the big things that maybe I might have wanted to forget but can now refer back to and see what lessons can be learned...remember the great joys, great difficulties, the happiness,the sadness and everything in between that the past nine years of my life has brought.

I have no plans to ever give this up...writing that is. Whether it will always take the form of a blog...who knows. What I know for sure that this outlet has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling parts of my life and one that I plan to explore for many years to come.

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trish said...

Congratulations, with the pressures we face in society, being able to make the time to let yourself grow as a writer and a person separate from the constant needs of your family and other obligations is so important and neglected by most of us. Your ability to continue with your blogging for 9 years is such an inspiration. I don't comment very often, but I love to read your postings.