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Thursday, July 01, 2010

On The Job Front

Ryun is applying for a job that will be two things:

-Not in the same union he is in now (he will be going from the IUEC to the SEIU)
-About 1/2 the income he made as an Elevator Mechanic, which was, well, a lot.

Assuming he gets the job, he will not be making much more money than he is making on unemployment (he is getting the absolute max that unemployment allows right now). The obvious benefits are that unemployment will eventually run out and there is no chance that he will ever get a "raise" on unemployment. It also guarantees insurance coverage which will not be as good as the insurance with the IUEC but will be better than The Medical Security Plan or MASS HEALTH. Other benefits include free use of the MBTA, a job that is way less physically demanding(not that this is a concern really), personal/sick time (which he does not have now) and way less work related stress.

All in all it seems like a good move, even if it may mean pinching pennies a little.

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