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Monday, May 17, 2010


...this health insurance stuff can be overwhelming.

At the end of last week we got notification from both MASS Health and The Medical Security Plan saying we had been approved for coverage. MASS Health was identified as being approved over the phone for at least the kids and for Ryun and I it was pending the receipt of additional documentation. A letter was sent to us on Thursday which will indicate what exact MASS Health plan we will be covered by.

In the meantime, I have been reviewing the coverage provided under the Medical Security Plan offered through unemployment. There are co-pays and co-insurance and all kinds of out of pocket costs to us for routine type things as well as things of an emergent nature. Admittedly, we had a rather fabulous insurance plan through the National Elevator Industry Health Benefit Plan. We had no co-pays and the coverage was extensive. In the 12 years we were covered under that plan I only ever had two problems (at first routine physicals for the kids were only covered every other year which they changed to every year after numerous complaints from members and there was a problem once with coverage for Emily's seizure medication). Other than those two issues, we were pretty spoiled. Having said that, it doesn't seem right that we may have to pay more out of pocket while Ryun is unemployed than we did when he was. In general, the people with less money shouldn't have to pay more for something than those with the most money. This is not to say that those who have more should pay more, but it should be fair. Either we all pay or we all don't pay. I have no idea what this says about my political leanings but yeah, that's how I feel.

This whole process has been overwhelming, stressful and tiring. While I am glad we have some sort of coverage in place, for a state (and now I guess country) that requires you to carry health insurance, they sure don't make it easy.

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