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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Why do I have to come up with the money saving ideas?

On the application I sent for both MASS Health and the Medical Security Plan, one of the questions asked what the primary language spoken in our home is. I answered English. So both plans send me all the information necessary, on separate sheets of paper, in both English and Spanish. This makes sense how?

I was also informed that I would be getting three separate mailings from both MASS Health and the Medical Security Plan; one saying we had been approved, another with the details of coverage and yet another with out identification cards enclosed. Uh hello? One big mailing with all things enclosed will save envelopes, postage, ink and paper.

And while I am on my soapbox here, can someone tell me why I have to get three copies of the same damn thing (such as the notice regarding the last day of school) sent home with my kids? Also, why do I need a copy of the school lunch calendar when it is published both online and in the paper? You can't tell me there is not a better way to do this (such as send all school wide notices home with the youngest kid or better yet, put everything that would not violate privacy rights online). It may not save a ton of money, but these small changes could save some and saving some, no matter how little, helps.

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Meowia said...

I agree with you on the excess paper. I would LOVE to receive my school notices via email instead of on paper that I then need to recycle back at school! The full page reminders about upcoming half days especially used to bug me -- particularly when receiving them multiple times (for 1 kid in school). I believe they finally went to half pages at MKG, like they used to have when we were at MECC. Still, electronic would definitely be the way to go!