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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just Because I Feel Like It

Not too long ago (ok maybe about a year and a half ago) Ryun decided to shave his head and go from a full beard and mustache to a goatee. He looks like a totally different person minus the hair and minus about 25 pounds that he has lost. Anyway, I am sure it is not surprising to any regular readers that I have pictures of all stages. And just because I feel like it I am going to share the pictures here with you.

Here he is...long past due for a hair cut/shave and pre-weight loss. The camera did something funky with his eyes but yeah...lots o' hair.

And here he is after, looking eerily like Kevin Youkilis if you ask me.

This one is a little bit more recent with a bit less of a goatee and the result of being lazy and not shaving the beard.

My favorite look...the middle picture.


Mark Belanger said...

Does that 25 lbs include the actual weight of the lost hair?

Sharon said...

LOL...I am sure that must account for at least a few lbs! ; )