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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cape Cod Canal

I decided to to take my lunch with me and head down to the canal earlier this afternoon. I could not have picked a more perfect day to do this. My Twitter update from earlier says it all: Lunch break at the CCC. Perfect. Coffee, book, peacefully flowing water, warm breeze and the sun: I think this might be heaven.

Of course, I also brought my camera.

The sun was reflecting off of the water causing the sparkle effect...love it!

Pretty flower growing between the rocks.

I was actually there for the lowering of the bridge so the train could cross. In all of my times at the canal I have only ever seen this twice. It's a pretty neat thing to watch.

The water was so peaceful today.

I have no idea why, and I don't even know who that is, but this is one of my favorite pictures of the day. So thank you, Mr. Fisherman, whoever you are.

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