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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Speech! Speeech! Speech!

Below is what I said to the incoming kindergarten parents at last night's orientation meeting.

Words cannot begin to describe what a positive and enriching experience kindergarten has been for Julia. Her growth has been an amazing thing to watch. Coming in to Kindergarten, Julia was a very shy, timid little girl. Using the words shy and timid to describe Julia today would be about as incorrect as it would be to call the green grass purple. Kindergarten has really brought her out of her shell and helped develop the confident and engaging personality she now has.
She comes home with a new skill to share and a new story to tell every day. Just this morning, while looking out the window she said, “Mom, see those holes in the leaves? Caterpillars made those because, this sounds very silly, but they like to eat through leaves!” One of my other favorite stories to share was the time she told me she wanted her bedtime to be in an “A B” pattern…one night at 7: 00 one night at 7:30 and so on.

I remember thinking, when I attended this meeting a year ago, that I wasn't ready for this, regardless of whether or not Julia was! One thing that has always helped me adjust is a commitment I have made to be an involved parent in my children’s education. My involvement started when my oldest daughter, now in 7th grade, started 1st. It began with helping her teacher out by volunteering from home, making educational games, flashcards and other projects the students could use in class. It progressed to volunteering in the classroom and for special events. Now I am the President of the Middleborough Elementary PTA. I say this because it gives you an idea of how many opportunities there are and how varied your involvement level can be. Whether you can do a little or a lot, I encourage you to do what you can to take part in your child’s experience here in Kindergarten and beyond.
I have told Mrs. Levesque many times in conversation how much I love it here. Perhaps the more important thing to share is how much my daughter does.

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