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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Normal=Highly Overrated!

I have always wondered if Julia would ever notice that she was, for a lack of a better word, "different" from most of the other kids at school. Not that there is anything wrong with different...as Katherine would say, "Normal is boring!" Julia hasn't always been completely in tune with herself or her surroundings so I never thought that if she ever did realize it, it would be at the ripe old age of 5.

This morning, while getting ready for school Julia said, "Mom, sometimes school is hard for me because I am always way behind." When I asked her what she meant she said, "You know, like every one else finishes their work and I am still working on mine." I gave her a hug and told her it didn't matter if she finished it first or last, it only mattered that she gave it her best try.

I'd be lying if I told you that my eyes didn't fill with tears when she said that...and maybe not for the reason you may think. It was heartbreaking yes, to hear her express her pain regarding the situation but, more than that? It was a huge breakthrough for Julia...expressing her feelings so adequately and being so completely in tune with what was going on in and around her.

I don't think words could adequately express how proud I am of Julia or how much she has taught me in life.


Kathy said...

I agree with Katherine - normal is boring! Your girls are so great at expressing themselves! I have one who also never finishes his work on time - and I always tell him that if he just does his best and tries it will be OK!

Enjoy the sun!

Abby Normal said...

I've been traying to figure out for years what "normal" is, and I've come to the conclusion it doesn't exist. Everyone is unique and beyond comparison with everyone else.