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Saturday, December 29, 2007


Do you believe in the "natural treatment" of mood disorders, ADHD, and things of that nature? How well do you think things like herbs, fish oils and other "natural remedies" work?

I am not sure why exactly, but sometimes, these types of treatments seem more appealing to me than the standard, "take this manufactured drug" and all will be well again.

What do you think?


mom said...

fish oil is a proven method of improvement of triglicerides and othre heart related matters and doctors recommend it. Anything else I would be hesitant to put complete faith inj because if it was proven, more docs would recommend ....you might say well the drug co are just trying to make $ but the people who manufacture herbs etc are making $ and there is o official testing or goverment oversite. I now someone who was completely halth and fit and is now seriously ill because of over doing it with the socalled natural remedies. So bottom line is don;t fool around with things not known and recommended by professional educated medical personnel.

Wayne said...

I think that a lot of times Dr's push drugs just cause it's an easy fix. I feel the answer lies somewhere in the middle. I think that often Dr's give drugs out when the might not "really" be needed, Because its A.easier, and B. Most people want a quick easy answer.
I say try that Natural treatments but don't hesitate to go to a Dr if it doesn't seem to be working.

GUYK said...

I don't know Sharon....'mood disorders' covers a lot of territory from bi-polar or skitzo to depression.

I am not a believer in the use of drugs if there is another method of treatment..depression for example can sometimes be taken care of by some hard work..been there and done that.

I reckon if the medical people allow that the disorder is because of a chemical imbalance in the body then it might be best to get the balance. But I have seen too many people doped up to where they barely knew who they were because some quack had diagnosed them bi-polar when all they really needed was a good ass whuppin...one they would remember.

Sharon said...

I'm right there with you, Guy. Sometimes, doctors and people in general just look for an excuse to make or have a diagnosis, just to make their behavior more, acceptable somehow. That said, I do believe there are some cases in which drugs would work, or at least aid in the process of getting better...just as a little hard work and actual effort put in to the process would work too. Finding the right mix...whether it's hard work and determination, or hard work, determination and drugs is key. I guess when it comes right down to it, everyone's different and what works for one might not work for the other. I do however think, that things like mood disorders of all kinds, as well as ADHD are WAY overdiagnosed.

Caltechgirl said...

I'm naturally very wary of "herbal" remedies because they aren't regulated by the FDA. There's no way to know that what you're buying is what it says on the label, in many cases. Also, there's very little known about inter-drug reactivity with a lot of herbals.

Things like fish oil and vitamins that have been looked at with credible medical research and are marketed by reputable companies are usually ok. But again, it's something you SHOULD at least mention to a doctor or pharmacist because of the potential drug interactions..