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Saturday, December 29, 2007

On The Agenda For The Long(ish) Weekend

Last night: family game night. Disney DVD Scene It, in which the team of Ryun and Emily kicked Katherine's and my butt. What was I thinking suggesting that those two be on the same team? You'd think I'd know better by now. Sheesh.

Tonight: Patriots fans rule this roost. Guess what we'll be doing?

Tomorrow: Undecorating. We usually do this right after the new year, but, quite inconveniently, the holiday falls in the middle of the week. Next week is too late and this weekend seems too early, but, we had to pick one.

Monday: Ryun will be working during the day. The kids and I will be enjoying another day of school vacation. This is most definitely the best vacation as far as school vacations go...new toys for Christmas have yet to loose their appeal, making entertaining the kids one heck of a lot easier.

Monday night: Where else would we be but, the Utley's New Year's Eve Bash?

Tuesday: The New Year's Day tradition: Adam and Jean's house for some fantastic Italian dining, and wonderful company to boot.

Wednesday: back to "real life."


Wayne said...

you should look into 2 more Wiimotes and a copy of Mario Party 8 for the Wii. Great fun for family game night. Not hard on the parental units to play either. Fun board game like game with lots of mini games to keep things fun.

Sharon said...

Sounds like a good idea, although I have to say, Scene It wasn't too tough on us (especially Ryun who totally kicked ass). The kids have Mario Party 7 for the Game Cube and they love it. We were psyched to find out that they could use their Game Cube games on the Wii too. Made it well worth getting, if not for that fact alone.

Wayne said...

The Wii is great fun. They have the fitness program that should be out soon. and a mat that goes on the floor that works with the wiimotes to play more active games coming too.
Its more fun then just sitting with a controller in your hand and the games are more family fun.