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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sugar Cookies: The Julia Edition

Early this afternoon, I decided to roll out the dough, and start the infamous "sugar cookie making extravaganza." Julia quickly took notice (the older two kids were out in the snow) and insisted that not only was I using playdough and not cookie dough, but, that she must help me immediately. I gave her some of the dough, a little flour, and a couple of the smaller cookie cutters I wasn't using. She pulled a chair up to the counter and started to play. She decided not long after to strip down to her underwear, apparently perturbed by the fact that her outfit was getting "messy."

Anyway, of course, I took some pictures, of both Julia and the cookies, in various stages of being done.

Here is the counter, all prepped and ready for some dough.

Julia, hard at work.

Obviously, she was having a great time.

...in the oven...

...cooling on the racks...

...and finally, frosted and ready to consume.

1 comment:

Deb said...

Too cute!

I haven't been brave enough to do the sugar cookie thing this year, lol.