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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas: In Pictures

Obviously, Emily was very excited to get this gift. It's a "Be Bratz" doll, that you can activate online and build a room, take care of her etc. Basically, it's the same idea as Webkinz.

Here's Julia looking very determined. She was trying hard to get the wrapper off of her chocolate Santa.

Julia loved her snowperson (Thanks Deb!)

Ditto for Katherine.

ANother one of Katherine's favorite gitfts was this journal. She loved the shiny cover and fluffy pen.

Here's Julia hanging with Dad in the rocking chair.

The last three "posed" pictures were taken just before we started opening presents.

We had a very nice day, the details of which I would love to share, but, I am too tired! Back tomorrow with more!


Wayne said...

To bad Ryun's face isn't in the picture better. He is actually almost has a smile on his face, and isn't wearing sun glasses..

Anonymous said...

... Merry Christmas, Sharon... and a happy New Year to you and yours....