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Monday, March 26, 2007

Mardi Gras

Thank God it's over. Seriously. As much fun as the Mardi Gras event is, it is a lot of work for me and honestly, I am just glad it's over. The kids enjoyed themselves, especially Julia who loved the new "little kids play area" we had set up for children under two. Emily and Katherine played the carnival games, had their faces painted, got tatoos, and made a few crafts. Me? I was stuck behind the counter ALL DAY LONG serving food. I really don't mind it so much but I am definitely going to step down next year (or at least not assume full responsibility for acquiring donations, shopping, staffing and serving the food myself). It's just too much and I would really like to be able to walk around and enjoy the time with the kids.

I still don't know how much we raised on a whole but I do know that food made $1200. The only other "money making" areas were admissions($3.00 per child, adults free), cake walk (where you pay $1.00 per turn) and the raffle (which this year featured all toys for the kids).

I am still amazed at how well this is all put together each year (not that I should be amazed given the great group of people that we have in the PTA). It really is a wonderful family day, and very inexpensive.

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