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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Summer Grillin'

I don't know what the heck has come over me lately, but it's the strangest thing. I've actually been cooking and (gasp) enjoying it. I know, weird isn't it?

Earlier this evening I was out cooking a steak on the grill and I started wishing it was summer. Why? Well, because there just isn't anything like summer grilling and summer grilling recipes.

My favorite recipe is a recipe I got out of Family Fun Magazine. It's a recipe for Caesar Beef Kabobs and it's just yummy.

Also, there's nothing quite as good as grilled veggies. Mmm...

I plan on getting my brother in law's recipe for grilled wings for this summer. That and his grilled zuchinni. The boy can cook, let me tell you.

i am looking forward to summer for many reasons, not the least of which is outdoor cooking.


Wayne said...

My mom used to make some really good grilled squash. Cut it in half then scoop out the seed part. mix the part you removed with some butter and itallian flavored bread crumbs. Stuff this mixture into the space where you scooped out the seeds. Wrap in a double layer of foil and grill. They come out awsome.
I cook on the grill all year long. the winter is a bit shorter here then there so its even nicer. nothing in the world better then Corn on the cob grilled. I just pull the husk back some. remove the silk, put the husk back wrap in foil and grill for 30-40 minutes turning several times.

Jay said...

Your title has me continuing:

Had me a blast
Summer grillin'
Happened so fast...