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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sad News...At Least For Julia and I

So today we found out that Jen, our favorite of all of the "helpers" Julia has is leaving EI to go back to school. She is going to get her Masters in Occupational Therapy.

We are happy for her of course, but we are really going to miss her.

Jen has been coming to our house for almost a year, at first weekly, then once we introduced PT, bi-weekly. Of all three people Julia sees, Jen has been our favorite, and the one Julia responds best to. She's really good at what she does and I really believe that she personally, is a big reason behind Julia's success with both the speech and gross motor.

I am planning on getting her a little gift, to thank her for all she has done and to wish her well at school and in the future. She just recently got engaged so I was thinking that I might pick something up at the Pampered Chef party I am going to Friday (BTW, anyone want to come to the party with me...fun night out with the girls (AHEM Kelly, Tracey and Deb)). I am going to browse online at the catalog before I go and see if there would be something small and appropriate for her.

I am not sure what will happen as far as a replacement for Jen. We still see Vida the PT through EI, and, at our co-visit today (both Jen and Vida came out)we were all in agreement that if she has any delay in speech it would be very slight, therefore making her ineligible for speech through EI. If that is the case, Vida will most likely take over as Julia's service manager and stay on as her PT. If for some reason we all decide that Julia still needs speech services (which I am thinking is highly unlikely) then we will have what is called a transition meeting in which Jen will come with the person who will take her place and introduce her to Julia and I.

Anyway, like I said, we're happy for Jen but we are really going to miss her!

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