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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Worth It

So, all of this Teacher Appreciation stuff? Baking, driving all over Middleboro, picking things up, dropping things off? Yeah, it was worth it, for more than just the obvious reasons of appreciating the hard work of the teachers. Why? Well, because I just got a free 2006 Entertainment Book! Very cool.

We had decided at the last PTA meeting to sell the books as a fundraiser next year and there was an incentive that if we committed to doing it by a certain date, they would give every teacher a free 2006 book. Apparently they shipped way more than we needed so I got a free one too! YAY!

The Entertainment Book is awesome for those who haven't used one before. It has coupons in there for all kinds of restaurants, amusements, rental cars, hotels, dry cleaning, fast food places, movie tickets....and probably more that I can't remember. The book costs $25.00 and it is well worth it. Heck, you probably make your money back after going out to dinner once or twice (most restaurants have a buy one meal get one free deal).

The PTA will be selling them in September as a fundraiser...which we will make half the cost of every book sold as a profit. That has some serious potential to be a huge fundraiser.

Anyway, YAY for a free book!

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