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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

AI and WTF?

Bottom 2: Elliot and Paris.

Paris goes.

No big surprise but really, how the hell did Kat make the cut again?

Now moving on...can someone tell me what the beep is going on on LOST?

What was that?

Michael gone bad? Or working for the others to get Walt back?



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Jay said...

As I wrote a couple other places:

Did you notice that Katharine actually looked surprised she was not in the bottom two, and maintained a "something's not right" look on her face for an extended time?

It was as if she'd suddenly sprouted a personality and accurate self-perception.

I knew Paris would go, but Elliot being bottom two? That a "must about manipulation" level shocker. Not that TPTB would do that because it would be the end if they ever got found out, but it was that unlikely.