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Saturday, April 01, 2006


Guess how I spent my night?

Cleaning up bodily fluids!


Poor Emily is sick with the stomach bug.

She was up 3 times last night throwing.

Without getting in to too much detail, she had to take a shower at 4 o'clock this morning(let's just say she threw up while lying down and leave it at that).

She seems to be better today so hopefully, it's just a 24 hour thing.

In other news, we went out last night and got her a new pair of glasses. She lost her old pair and it was time for a checkup anyway. Her vision has actually gotten slightly worse, so as it turns out, she needed a new prescription.

I got a new pair of glasses too (you know the ones I am supposed to wear when I read or use the computer).

Anyway, Ryun is actually working today so it's just me and the girls. I am going out to dinner tonight with my sisters and nephew.

Texas Roadhouse...yummy!

1 comment:

The Dew's said...

pooooor emily. Poor you! Your a good momma.

Roadhouse DOUBLE that on the yumm been there twice and i loved it. I think one is coming to plymouth in the next couple years can you say YESSSSSS.