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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Did anyone else notice that last night's episode of House mentioned Tuberous Sclerosis? I didn't actually watch it (my sister called and told me) but I thought it was interesting. I have never, ever heard of it being mentioned in any context other than specifically in relation to Emily or others that we know with TS (people we have met online).

Speaking of House, I wish I had started watching it when it premiered last year. Everyone raves about it. Anyone who watches it: Is it the type of show I can just jump into at the end of Season 2? I might go online and read episode recaps or something and start.


Deb said...

We've been watching it from the start, and yep, you can just jump in. I wouldn't even worry about the recaps...they've kept the side-plots relatively simple. If you have questions as you go, you can give us a shout, too.

That they actually decided the fellow *had* TS cracked me up (though, of course, the thing itself isn't funny at all), because it gets bandied about as a possible diagnosis at least every other episode. But they decided it wasn't at fault in this case, but rather an incidental finding, so it'll probably go on making appearances regularly. The writers seem to be fond of it as an unusual, unlikely, and impressive-sounding possibility to throw around.

Caltechgirl said...

well, TS is one of those diseases that can present in a bunch of ways and may not show up until teen years in some kids.

It makes a nice catch all for kids and teens with neuro symptoms.

Jenny said...

I thought of you when I was watching "House" last night when they mentioned TS. His seemed way different from Emily's. Plus he had herpes. And I'm SURE she doesn't! :)Anyway, it's a show you can just jump in at any time. I just started watching it and I have had no problems. It's my favorite show, tied with LOST. It's great!

Sharon said...

YAY...another LOST fan! I am so addicted to that show!