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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Hands On Learning

Katherine is having quite the day at school today.  First up is Read Across America Day (Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!).  The guest readers in Katherine's classroom will be a teacher from the middle school and Senator Pacheco.  She was pretty excited that a "real" Senator was coming to her classroom to read!

This afternoon I will be volunteering to help with the  "Voyage."  The events will take place in the pool area at the Burkland School.  The kids were asked to dress as much like a pilgrim as possible. They will be imagining themselves in their shoes and recreating some of the hazards they encountered on their journey, including rough seas.  Katherine told me this will be depicted by throwing buckets of water at the kids!  They will also be sitting in chairs that are extremely close together to depict the close quarters the Pilgrims had to share. They will also be enjoying foods that were typical of the voyagers such as Beef Stew, bread, apple and grape juice (wine), Beef Jerky or Slim Jims, Lemons, Cream Soda or Root Beer (ale) cheese cubes, and crackers. 

Maybe it is because I personally am much more of a visual, hands on type learner (as are my children) but I find this interactive type learning to be so much more engaging.  Over the years my children have been fortunate to have some teachers that really work in a hands on type environment.  I have always been impressed with the creativity and enthusiasm shown by these teachers and I know that my children have benefited in great ways because of them.

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