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Friday, December 10, 2010

Things That have Been On My Mind

(in list form out of sheer laziness).

-I am wondering if it is wrong that I am already looking forward to the summer even though winter hasn't even officially begun yet. It's probably not healthy. Really fast forwarding though the entire month of March would be good enough.

-I am thinking that I should make a New Year's Resolution in which I resolve to go to bed by 10 at least 3 of 7 nights a week.

-I am very impressed with the amount of Christmas shopping I have done already but even more impressed with the amount that is wrapped...and two full weeks before Christmas!

-The Blackberry Torch is awesome.

-I need to go on a "reading retreat." Seriously I have such a backlog of books I want to read going on right now and I never seem to get enough "reading time" in. Before bed every night just isn't enough.

-I have an idea book...a place to keep track of the many ideas I get from day to day. This is great but I need to be better about making all the great ideas come to fruition.

-Also, I need to stop being afraid to ask for help. Some of the ideas I have are BIG...and taking in to consideration the rest of my everyday life, there is no way it would be possible to make them happen without assistance.

-And now? I need to go to bed...at 10:30...not so bad.

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