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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Ring Ring Ring

I don't like to talk on the phone. Actually, I pretty much hate it. It is much worse for me from an anxiety perspective when I actually have to talk to someone on the phone that I don't know. Even when it is someone who I am completely comfortable with (who are far and few between) I still would rather talk in person or even better through some other form of communication (email, text).

Whoever invented caller id is my hero. When the phone rings and I can see who it is calling, I can make a decision about whether I want to talk. I have to be in the mood to talk and in the right frame of mind. I can almost guarantee that if someone is calling from a number I don't recognize or worse, from a blocked line, I won't answer. I am just not comfortable being put on the spot.

Another phone related issue...when someone calls and does not leave a message. Even more annoying than that...when someone calls repeatedly and doesn't leave a message. Obviously if you are calling me you have something to say. I have a voice mail so you can say it, so would you, pretty please?

So, to the person who has called multiple times today (at least I am guessing it is the same person but regardless) not only from a blocked line but also not leaving a message: Unblock your number and I may answer and for the love of God leave a message!

P.S. Yes, I know have a little stranger/social anxiety. Knowing is half the battle though right?

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