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Thursday, November 04, 2010


...I really miss having a kid at home with me. I know...crazy right?

Little things remind me of this. Today it was running in to the store and seeing a young girl and and her mom laughing together. She couldn't have been more than three or so. It didn't help that she could have been Julia's sister with the beautiful blond hair and brilliant blue eyes. I thought to myself, "That moment was Julia and I not so long ago."

Yesterday, I turned the tv on and the last channel watched must have been Disney. There on the screen was, "The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse", one of Julia's favorite shows as a toddler. I'll be darned if I didn't catch myself saying out loud, "Aww, I miss watching this with Julia." It wasn't the show I missed obviously...it was Julia.

So yes, she is back for year two of full day kindergarten and this is just hitting me now. I don't know why the delay. All I know is that there are some days that I wish time travel was possible because if it was...I would go back.

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