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Friday, September 24, 2010

I was reminded yesterday...

...of a funny story from way back when Katherine was about five or so.

Yesterday, Emily was watching a show on Animal Planet (I think) about crocodiles, alligators and reptiles in general. She loves watching those kinds of shows. Very often I will find her watching Discovery, Animal Planet or the History Channel. She's fascinated by it all and similar to Ryun, absorbs the information like a sponge. Ask her how to survive stranded in the woods? She'll know. Stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere? if Emily is with you, have no fear...she'll either find a way to get you home or find a way to make the conditions livable. Chat with her about what has been found on archaeological digs and what it means historically and she'll know that too. Need to write a report on sharks...no need to go to the library...just ask Emily. When I say sponge...I am not kidding. Between her and Ryun, they know the most obscure and random things...things you would never think you need to know...until you do.

Anyway, Emily watching the show about reptiles reminded me of the time I called Ryun on the way home from somewhere and asked him to"stir the crock." Katherine, who was with me in the car said (and yes, she was dead serious), "Mom, are we really having a crocodile for dinner? That is so cool!"

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