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Friday, July 02, 2010


...for the cable company was probably one of the most stressful jobs...ever. You'd be surprised at how angry and threatening people can get when there tv isn't working. Some people even got...stupid. I can remember a few people calling to report their tv was not working...when there was a wide spread power outage in their area (yes, really). I also remember a phone call or two in which I was actually threatened(one customer threatened to come throw his (EXPLICATIVE)cable box right threw the office window at me). So yes, I am questioning my sanity slightly when I am thinking of applying for a job, part time nights, working for, yup, the cable company.

The hours would be 5 nights a week (one of which would be a weekend night) from 5-9. This would mean making many sacrifices on my part. My time as a volunteer would have to be cut, my committee memberships and whatnot would have to be looked at, and Ryun and I would be ships passing in the night. It would leave Ryun in charge of "overseeing" dinner, homework and bed most nights. It would also mean my giving up "control" of these things which, really could be a whole other blog entry (about how sometimes I complain about doing it "all" but really the thought of someone else doing it makes my skin crawl because no one else will do it right and yeah, OCD much?). No matter that it is Ryun who is not only more than capable but should be taking an active roll in these things because hello, this is his family too.

Financially speaking, this makes total sense. Assuming Ryun gets the job I mentioned in the last entry, his income will be slashed in half, which undoubtedly will require a major overhaul of how we spend our money and how we live. Extra money coming in never hurts. It's perfect for the kids too (I can still be home with them during the summers and vacations, will still be able to volunteer during the day and can still bring Emily's entire life to the school when she forgets it at home (yeah, another blog entry).

I think I would have a good shot at getting the job considering my experience and the fact that there are still people working for the company that were there when I was. I'd be lying if I didn't mention how scary the idea of jumping back in to the "working out of the house" game is to me. I'd also be lying if I didn't acknowledge that there is some part of me that thinks this going back to work could actually be a good thing for me mentally. Being a stay at home Mom has really been a blessing. I know how fortunate I have been to not have to work out of the house. It has also been, to some degree, kind of lonely, especially now that the kids are all in school.

All in all, I think it makes sense to at least apply and see where it goes.

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