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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pictures 1st Series of Favorites

Just because I love them, and I though it would be fun, I have made a collection of what I think are the best pictures I have ever taken. I would absolutely love to make photography my profession, and who knows, some day I might. In the mean time, here are the first five of my collection which will include scenic photographs as well as pictures of people.

This was taken in Stowe, VT on the property of the Trapp Family Lodge.
This is definitely one of my all time favorite pictures. Emily and Julia sledding in the back yard. Such love.

This was my favorite of all the pictures I took on our trip to Disney last summer. Truly magical!

I took this one in October,2009 on the way to Peterborough, NH.

I took this when Ry and I went to Providence to see the water fires. Love the buildings reflecting in the water.

Which is your favorite?

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Anonymous said...

Nice photos -- my fave is the VT one with the sun over the water.