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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm Blaming Ryun

Me: "Julia, please go put the drum stick away. We are only allowed to use that when we are playing Band Hero."

Julia: "But Mom, I am pretending it is a gun."

Me: "Julia we don't pretend things are guns. Guns are not toys."

Julia: "But Mom, I am playing Adam 12, what's the problem?"


The Dew's said...

i think it's ok to let the kids use guns as a toy. As long as you teach them.

(sarcasm totally not used here)
We shot cars (pretend) in quincy, played cops and robbers (who didnt) and we all turned out ok :)

It's like roadrunner, i know some people think it's violent we watched it, as long as you teach your kids that trying to drop anvils on people is not ok, we're all set :)

Kathy said...

One Adam-12, One Adam-12, see the girl with the drumstick that thinks it's a gun . . . proceed with caution . . .

I used to love Adam-12!!

Sharon said...

Ryun watches it on Retro tv all of the time! : )