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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Musical Taste=Varied

The play list I just created in I Tunes has music from the following bands/artists in it:

Straight No Chaser
Barry Manilow
The Fray
Elvis Presley
Neil Diamond
Miley Cyrus (yeah yeah yeah...this is what having three daughters has done to my musical taste)
The Everley Brothers
The Beatles
Jesse McCartney (again with the three daughters)
The Zac Brown Band
The Black Eyed Peas
Sean Kingston
John Denver
Carrie Underwood
The Cast Of Glee
Les Miserable Soundtrack
Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack
Kenny Chesney
Lady Gaga
Katy Perry
Barbra Streisand
The Beach Boys
Brad Paisley
Fiddler On The Roof Soundtrack
Noel Henry
Miles Davis
Stevie Wonder
Michael Jackson
Air Supply
Darius Rucker

Yup, I think varied works.

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