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Monday, March 03, 2008


We had a busy one. On Saturday Ryun and I had a wedding to go to. Not surprisingly, it was a great time (because getting together with old friends from the neighborhood always means a great time). Yesterday we took the kids to the mall where they were having a kids expo. We saw a clown show, got some free toys and trinkets and Emily and Katherine got their hair done fancy by a local salon that was there. After that we went over to my parents for a family dinner in honor of my father's 58th birthday, which is today (Happy Birthday, Dad!). For whatever reason the weekend wiped me out so I came home and after getting the kids settled in bed, went to bed myself. I had plans to have a nice heartwarming night of television watching Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition and Oprah's new show called Oprah's Big Give. Instead I watched it this morning over breakfast. I LOVE Sunday night tv already with just Extreme and after watching The Big Give, I can tell I am going to love it even more. Nothing like getting in a good cry every once in a while!

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