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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Haunted Hall

A couple of weeks ago, the Paranormal Institute of New England (aka PINE)investigated claims that the Middleboro Town Hall was haunted, particularly in the Grand Hall. Foot steps have been heard, pictures have shown orbs and other unexplained things, and several town officials have had an "uneasy" feeling in various locations of the building, including the old jail cells in the basement. After their investigation, they presented their findings to the selectmen at this weeks meeting.

Here is an article, detailing their findings. I think Marsha Brunelle is on to something by the way. Offering tours of the haunted town hall could bring some much needed cash to the budget.

Below is a video of NECN coverage, in which the voice recording is played.


The Dew's said...

No Offence, but who paid for this investigation (NOT CHEAP) middleboro taxpayers?

Wayne said...

They should have TAP from the ghost hunters check it out. There is a house in Halifax that had an investigation done on it years ago.