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Saturday, March 15, 2008

DVR's Etc.

The next new inventions need to be these:

-A way to watch a show whenever you want. Like, if Extreme Makeover Home Edition is on Sunday, but you suddenly find the time to watch it on a random Saturday afternoon, you can. This will probably never happen due to advertising etc. but it would be cool.

-a way to set recordings up in categories. Like a folder for Sharon's recordings, a folder for Ryun's, etc.

That's all.


The Dew's said...

well on comcast if i miss survivor i cant on demand it. I dont know if Verizon has that. I wish it had folders too.

do you have a dvr with verizon, and wiat did you get your tv? i saw a thing on the news that many people werent getting theirs.

Jay said...

I'd have thought the DVRs already allowed the 2nd option. Wow. Perhaps if one were to build a homebrew system, if that's still possible. I had instructions for it once. Or maybe that was for modding a Tivo with a bigger drive.