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Monday, February 11, 2008


I am not sure why this is, but, for some reason I function better on less sleep. Take today as an example. I slept for a grand total of about 2 hours last night (maybe 3 on the outside). This was due in part to a certain three year old taking up most of the bed, as well as the wind that was screaming all night long...blowing so hard the windows were rattling and the barrels were getting tossed around the deck like leaves. I got up at 6:30 (Julia who apparently didn't sleep well either slept in until 9). After I got the older two kids of to school, I went in to the living room, gave it a major overhaul (including vacuuming, dusting, re-arranging picture frames, re-organizing the toy chest and using the mini vacuum all around the perimeter of the room). Then I went and swept the kitchen floor, wiped the counters, and took out a steak to defrost for dinner tonight. I came in to the office and organized all three desks and got started on a painting project I have been meaning to do since Christmas(I got these awesome picture frames for Christmas that I wanted to paint white to match the white woodwork in the livingroom which is where I want them to hang). This, mind you all occurred before I had even thought about making a pot of coffee. What the heck? I mean I am not complaining...getting things accomplished is a good thing but, it's weird. I certainly feel tired, and I doubt I will be burning the midnight oil tonight, but the energy level (or at least the motivation level) is way up. I don't quite understand it, as it stands to reason that the less sleep you get, the less able you are to function at a reasonable level.

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