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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I have decided to offload a MAJOR amount of scrap booking related supplies. Most of it will be stickers, but I anticipate a few albums and other related items being thrown in for good measure. I plan to eventually list these all on Ebay, but, plan to list them here first, in case there is anyone out there that may be interested. I will be grouping them together in different categories (wedding, Christmas,Disney, summer etc) to make it easier, and am hoping to do my best to take pictures of each assortment.

I just feel like I have more than I will ever use, and if something comes up, I can always buy more, right?!?!

FYI, most items are new, never even opened and the ones that have been opened are still in perfect condition.

Paypal will be the method of payment, unless of course I know you in "real life." Other payment arrangements can be made in that case.

Anyway, check back over the next couple of days. Once I have everything grouped, photographed and organized, I will post them here!

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