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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Does anyone have any idea...

...why I can't print a full pdf document? It's one specifically that I am referring to and even though I select print all, it only prints the first two pages. Weird.


Anonymous said...

The same thing just happened to me this morning! Mine was only two pages and only the first page would print. I had to print it a couple of times and then it finally printed.

Wayne said...

are there images on the pages that won't print?
Jackie says that if the images are not done right they won't print.
Will it not print at all or is it printing out blank pages?
Also if you want to email it too me we can take a look at it. Jackie deals with PDF's at work a lot and has the full Adobe suite on her pc.

Jay said...

I've always had probs like that with PDF files, especially on machines that were underpowered for the size of the file, or printers with modest memory.

You could try pring 1 page at a time where it lets you specify a range under file, print.

Another thing I might do is, where I have PrimoPDF as a "printer," is print to PDF with that, open the new PDF it creates and send that to the printer.