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Monday, January 28, 2008

Reason number...aw hell I lost count...

...why we are so in for it when Emily really hits the teenage years (you know, instead of just pretending at the age of 10 that she already is one).

The other day, I glanced in the rear view mirror and noticed that her bangs, which she is growing out, hanging in her face. I said, in a perfectly calm manner, in a normal tone of voice, "Can you please tuck your hair behind your ears?"

Before I continue with her response, please be aware that this was the first thing I had asked her to do, all morning. Not a single thing had been asked of her.

She answered with this: "God, Mom what do you want me to do next, balance an elephant on my back?"

I kid you not. I couldn't even correct her or reprimand her for being fresh because I was afraid if I opened my mouth, the only thing that would come out would be laughter.

Can we say hormones?

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