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Friday, January 04, 2008


I still have a million loads of laundry to fold( but, hey at least it's clean now), and the office, my bedroom and upstairs to clean but so far I have...

...done four loads of laundry.

...cleaned the kitchen. Really well, including the usuals like wiping down the counters and table, doing the dishes, and sweeping the floor, but also including the complete re-organization of all of my cabinets, cleaning the backsplash on the counters, and the scrubbing the hell out of the entire stove top.

...cleaned the living room which involved re-organizing all of Julia's toys, putting out the "regular" decorations I took down to make room for the Christmas stuff, dusting all "dustable" surfaces, rearranging the couch pillows and blankets, and vacuuming.

...cleaned the bathroom downstairs, including cleaning out the vanity and washing the vanity cabinets.

...re-organized the "entryway" which included rehanging all of the coats that had fallen, matching up all shoes and putting them back in the basket, matching all winter gloves and relocating the container of "snow" stuff (boots hats etc).

So YAY! And, back to work!

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