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Monday, January 07, 2008

Just Becasue I Am Curious

If you were forced to vote for one of the Democrats running for President right now, who woudl you vote for?

If you were forced to vote for one of the Republicans who would you vote for?


Walrilla said...

If I have to vote fro a Dimocrat, Richardson.
I want to vote for Fred Thompson.

Jay said...

Democrat? Torn between Obama and Clinton. Leaning Obama at the moment.

Republican? Leaning McCain, weirdly enough. Second choice, probably Fred.

Trace said...

unfortunatly i dont like any of the candidates this year, SO like most other years i will not be voting for a president.

i have voted in every election, but NEVER ONCE voted for the 2 candidates.

GUYK said...

I just would not vote if the only choices I had were democrats..call it a protest vote. Right now I am supporting Thompson...I don't like McCain's stand on first amendment rights and the rest are just dim-a-crits running as republicans..