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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How To Get My Kids To Eat Peas And Other Food Related Items

Snap peas. I bought a veggie lovers salad mix thingy a week or two ago and it had snap peas in it. I gave them each one (each being Katherine and Emily as Julia eats anything), didn't tell them what it was until they ate and loved it. So, I bought more (just the peas not the salad mix) and it has been the snack of choice since. They have never liked peas in any other way.

In other food related news, I am looking for suggestions on how to "spice" up regular boxed macaroni and cheese. I have made my own mac and cheese before but, in order to save time tonight (we need to eat dinner by 4:30 because the kids have their gymnastics class at 5) I am just going with the boxed version. I had ideas of adding garlic to the mix maybe some of the Pampered Chef Italian seasoning to it. Then I thought of adding a cup of salsa. That could be good too. There's always the option of adding ground beef but, alas I don't have any on hand.

So, does anyone out there have any other ideas?


Jay said...

Good question.

Some real cheese or parm? Some peas? heh. A pinch of red pepper, perhaps garlic as you were thinking, maybe cumin, paprika, that kind of thing? Some pieces of ham if you have any?

Maybe see what odd things people use in standard baked or one pot mac & cheese recipes and use that for inspiration. Dry mustard is one such thing, but I'd bet the boxed stuff already has a touch of that as part of its flavoring.

Sharon said...

I ended up adding garlic powder, seasoned salt, the Pampered Chef Italian Seasoning mix and barbecue sauce, which I had as an afterthought. IT is delicious!