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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I haven't blogged about this in a while. It hasn't been for lack of interest; I have been following the news regularly.

One of the big topics lately has been in regard to Middleboro representatives joining a regional task force whose purpose is to study potential impacts on the surrounding communities of a casino being built in Middleboro. The task force was formed after Middleboro, without giving any consideration to other surrounding towns and how a casino would affect them, signed an agreement not only welcoming the casino, but, promising to support and promote the idea. Now, Middleboro wants part in a group, representing communities who will no doubt be affected by a casino, and weren't even considered by the town when all of the talk was going on, or when the agreement was signed. True, if the casino comes to town, those surrounding communities will be able to negotiate with the state but I don't blame them for not feeling neighborly to Middleboro. Not at all. And, while I can see Middleboro's input being beneficial to the task force as a "direct connection" to the tribe, I don't think they deserve a spot. Too little too late, if you ask me.

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