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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Julia's Newest Phrases And Words/EI 6 month assessment

Nevermind, in a sec, don't say that, and wait.



"Yes, Julia?"

"Ah, nevermind."

I don't think she really knows the meaning of the word, she just knows how to use it in context. Still, it's kind of funny.

"Mom, I just need to get in my car for a sec."

Again, not sure if she knows what "in a a sec" even means.

"Julia, are you being silly?"

"(in a cute little embarrassed voice), "Don't say that."



She even puts her hand up in a "stop" position when saying it. She definitely knows what this one means!

Julia had her 6 month assessment (6 months since her new plan was written anyway). It went well, mostly, although I have to say she was more willful and demanding than I have ever seen her, almost to the point of emabarrassment. I swear to God, when the kids learn how to be "2" or be "3" officially (like you know with the demands, and temper tantrums and asserting independence) the manners go right out the flippin' window. When she didn't want to participate in one of the games they were playing to assess her, she was saying things like, "No, I not do that anymore" or "I'm all done." She would say it with a little attitude in her voice and actually had her voiced raised. When she was actually enjoying an activity if her PT tried to take it away, Julia would look at her sternly and say with her hand raised, "WAIT." In some So I was sitting next to her saying, "wait please" and "no thank you" and they were like, "Don't worry about it...this is so normal for a two year old in this kind of setting." In some respects it was good to see her actually stand up for herself, I just wish she could have been a little more polite about it! It reminded me of how the psychic told me about a year and a half ago that my youngest would be "a little spit fire" and I thought to myself, "Julia? She must be confused or something." Apparently though, she may have had something there!

Anyway...the assessment. She was at 26 months for her gross motor skills which is a delay of about 6 months. Virtually the only thing that got her this number was her stair skills, which are, well non-existent. I mean, she can crawl up the stairs and scoot down, but she can not walk independently up and down the stairs. She needs both a hand and a railing in order to maneuver the stairs on her feet. Everything else was pretty much right on target.

I am a little nervous about whether or not she will get in to the integrated preschool. They usually look for a bigger delay than she actually has. Of course, this is good but because of her low tone and the fact that she can not ascend or descend stairs independently, I am a little nervous that not getting weekly PT will cause further delays (meaning she will get older and the delay will stretch further and further). I do have her doctor's reccomendation though, so I am hoping that helps.

I need to look further into outside services too. I mean, will this low tone affect her always? I feel like in addition to catching her up developmentally, we should be doing more in the way of actually building her tone by doing strength training or something. I worry about things like gym class and things of that nature too. It's not that far in to the future really...she will be three in July.

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