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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Frame Of Mind: Much Improved

I know, it was kind of silly for me to post an "I Hate The World" entry and then not post for 5 whole days. I'm fine, in case you were wondering, I have just been busy.

I am also feeling much better mentally. Just like everyone else, I have those "the world is out to get me" kind of days every once in a while. I usually get over them pretty quickly though. I am back, for the most part, to being my happy little self!

Nothing has changed really, in regard to the "why" I was having a bad day...everything that was wrong then is still wrong now. The only thing actually that has changed? My way of thinking. The power of positive thoughts is an amazing thing.

Anyway, As I mentioned I have been busy. Wednesday night I had a PTA meeting. Thursday night I went to the school committee meeting in which the FY08 proposed school buget was outlined (more on that ovr at Adventures in Education, when I get around to it). Friday night was Thinking Day for Girl Scouts, Saturday we had a baby shower to go to, and today we (the girls and I)are headed over to Mimi and Papa's house. They are NYC for the weekend, so my sister Heather is there on flood watch (we are in the midst of a major Nor'Easter here and my parents basement is flood city). We are going to eat dinner, watch movies and spend the night there.

This week: school vacation, which inconveniently is coinciding with a lot of rain...at least for the beginning of the week. Ugh...

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