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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Webkinz Take Over The World

Anyone with school age children will more than likely relate well to this post.

Webkinz are these cute little stuffed animals that come with this secret code that gives you access to this website where you can feed and otherwise car for your pet. There are games you can play to earn cash to buy things for your pet, including furnishings for their room online, food, and other items.

Remember the cabbage patch kid craze of the 80's? Stores were constantly sold out. If you didn't have at least 2, you were so not cool. Really the concept of little kids being born in a cabbage patch, with little "stamps" on their but was a little weird but, hey we were kids...and we didn't care. They had strange names too. Mine? Judy Ariel. My friend Heather's (yes, I remember my friends Cabbage Patch kids name)? Kristabella Birdie. I even had a record (yes, an actual record that played on a record player) with some Cabbage Patch Kids songs (some of which I could still sing for you word for word if I were so inclined).

Anyway, the point is that I never imagined myself a crazed mother calling every store on this side of the Mississippi to see if they had a toy my kids wanted in stock (no) and if not when would they (we have no idea). I never actually imagined that there would some day be a toy that my children would want so much that I would actually consider driving to the ends of the earth to get. I never imagined that there would ever be a toy that is actually interactive with a home computer.

Funny how that all works.

It all comes full circle, doesn't it?

Oh, and Ebay is looking like a mighty fine option right now.


Caltechgirl said...

I love webkinz, and I'm 30! When they do get them (eventually) be sure to do the quizzies. That brings in the most KinzKash.

Yeah, I'm a total geek.

wayne said...

Don't go the ebay route yet.. I have 2 that I bought for Jon that I have to send for him.. When I got his a couple weeks back they had a whole bunch of them where I was. Not sure if its still that easy but email me the ones your looking for and I will do my best to find them in my travels..