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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Received via email...

..from three different people in Middleboro!

Anyone concerned about the mosquito season approaching needs to know about a very important meeting coming up.

I have just been informed that the DPH is seriously considering - banning aerial mosquito spraying for the Bristol and Plymouth County this year. The reason for the potential ban is to protect the endangered brown spotted turtles that have migrated to our area. Yes the spraying might not be the healthiest environment for our wildlife but weighing the options, our children are more important. One bite from a mosquito infected with EEE could be fatal. Spraying as early as possible into the spring season will terminate a large population of mosquito eggs - which I believe would lessen the chances of the EEE being spread.

It went on to say that there would be an EEE meeting on March 29, at the town hall and that the mother of the young boy who died last year from Middleboro would be there, supporting the spraying.

My initial gut reaction was complete shock and horror. As Ryun so aptly put it, "@#$% The brown spotted turtle, my kids are more important."

After getting over the initial shock, I decided that there was no way in hell this could be true. So I called the DPH and Plymouth Country Mosquito Control to get the lowdown. I also looked up the spotted turtle online and found out, that while it was on the "Species of Special Concern" list, it was removed from that list last year and is no longer in danger.

The DPH and the representative from Plymouth County Mosquito Control both confirmed what I already knew: There is absolutely no truth behind the email at all. I briefly wondered if they could have been lying, so as to prevent a public outcry but, decided that the people of Southeastern MA would surely be more concerned with the human beings of this neck of the woods than they would over a turtle. At least one would hope.

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Anonymous said...

Let me assure you that this meeting on March 29th is happening. I am a neighbor of John Fontaines mother. I have spoken to her directly about what she has been told by the town officials and county officials. This is not a meeting that any concerned parent can afford to miss. It is very important that we, the citizens of the southeast communities come together to find a resolution to this out of control problem. John's mother will be at this meeting and if given the opportunity she will tell everyone what she has learned about this devistating problem.
Please don't shrug this off, come to the meeting ask questions lets get some answers and figure out how we can all make this summer a safer one for our families.