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Thursday, March 29, 2007

A New Life Begins

Good news! We got the car loan! YAY! Our "car man" Bob will be going to the auction for us on Tuesday and will be getting us an '05 or '06 Dodge Caravan. We have preapproval for up to $12,000 which is what we figured we would apply for, so as to keep the payments at an affordable level. We also have bought cars from Bob in the past and he ALWAYS gets great cars for way less than what they are worth. He was at the auction last week and was going to get us a 2005 Dodge Caravan, fully loaded (including an in car entertainment system...DVD Player etc)with 14,000 miles for only $12,000. The financing was not set yet, so obviously he didn't go for it. That should give you an idea though, of how good the cars are he gets. We did specifically request a minivan which, will be FABULOUS for our summer camping trip, but also will allow for more carpool room if needed.

Anyway, YAY!


The Dew's said...

You will LOVE the minivan.

Jay said...

I'm amazed you never got a minivan before, with three kids. Though they aren't as close together, so fitting car seats isn't so much of an issue.

We're probably going to take one of the bucket seats that comprise the middle row out of ours, putting two kids in the back seat and one in the bucket seat behind the driver, with a big open space adjacent to the door for easy access to all. But we'll see.

Sharon said...

I have wanted one forever, but yeah, Emily and KAtherine were in car seats together so there was plenty of room for just two. Two grown kids and a car seat in my car is a tight squeeze and in Ryun's car it is next to impossible. The minivan brings a new thing for the kids to fight about though...who gets to sit in the back. See what you have to look forward to?!?! I have already told them they will be on a rotating schedule...first Em, then Kate etc. LOL

GUYK said...

back in the late 1980's I was in the car business...and knowing someone who can buy for you at a whole sale auction is the best way to buy..only problem is that the vehicle is sold as is. But most late models are still under factory warrenty and a lot come in from lease buy backs and rental companies and are in excellent shape. Bought a bunch like that and a couple for myself.