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Friday, March 30, 2007

How Many Job Titles Have You had/Do You Have??

I can't remember where I saw this, so my apologies for not giving due credit!

Fill in a job title using the letters of the alphabet!

A: Architect (assembling, and in some cases redesigning a toy counts, doesn't it?)

Bartender (not for real, but I have mixed a few drinks in my time)!

C: Cook(like every day of my life, dude).

D: Doctor (I have three kids and a husband. I am sure I have earned a doctorate in something by now).

E: Everything (Doer of): Yup, that's right...i do it all.

F: Friend (not exactly a job per se but I am putting it here anyway).

G: God (or at least my kids think so when they actually think I have control over such things as the weather and passage of time).

H: Healer (a kiss from Mom makes the hurt stop you know).

I: Interpreter (have you ever tried to decipher baby speak? 'Nuff said).

J: Jerk (Not often of course, but admittedly, it has happened).

K: Killer (of evil bugs like spiders and ants...only if Ryun is not available to go in for the kill first, of course).

L: Lover (self-explanatory I think)

M: Mom (the best job ever)

N: Noise Patrol (again...3 kids and husband)

O: Officer of Law (enforcing such things as seat belt wearage, sunscreen use, tooth brushing)

P: Potty Patrol (running to the bathroom every half hour with a 2 year old is entertainment at it's best).

Q: Quitter (not often but yeah, it's happened)

R: Ranger (nature walks and camping)

S: Scrapper (someones gotta preserve the family history)

T: Teacher

U: Umbrella holder (and carriage pusher, kid holder, bag handler etc...sometimes all at once even!)

V: Victory Seeker (being victorious is kind of fun, ya know)

W: World Class Weight Lifter (at least I should be so I can manage the kid, the bags, the carriage, the umbrella etc)

X: Xylophone lover (What the hell else could I do for X?)

Z: Zookeeper ( 3 kids, a husband and 2 cats to boot)

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