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Monday, March 05, 2007

I can't wait for...

...walks on the canal.

...eating outdoors.

...camping in the White Mountains.

...fruit salad.

...running around the yard with the kids.

...lazy afternoons, reading a book by an open window, with a warm breeze blowing in.

...steak kabobs.

...summer days at the pool with the kids.

...Onset Beach.

...Erickson's Ice cream.


I know. All in all, this winter hasn't been too bad. We haven't had any snow (well, none to speak of anyway), and it has only been bitterly cold a few times. Still, I am done.

I am done with winter coats. I am done looking for missing gloves. I am done fighting with the kids about wearing a hat. I am done looking out the window and seeing bare trees. I am done warming my car up every time I need to leave.

I had been hoping for one big snow storm for the kids so that they would have the chance to play in the snow (and perhaps, actually have a chance to wear their new snow pants I had to buy them this year). Now though, I am hoping that the "Arctic blast" we are expecting tomorrow will be the last. I am hoping it rains instead of snows from here on in.

The last leg of winter always stinks.

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