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Monday, May 01, 2006

The Calendar

May 1 PT at Health South

May 2 drop off desert to MKG cafeteria for Teacher Appreciation Em and Kate Burtwood and dentist

May 3 scrapbooking Drop of Muffins at MKG for Teacher Appreciation Julia EI at 12:15 Em Girl Scouts at 4:30

May 4 MOMS Club Book Club meeting: Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons 7 pm

May 5 Julia 10:45 OT Eval at Health South Jen's Pampered Chef Party 7pm

May 6 Ryun Working, parents take Emily and Katherine, Julia, Aunty and me go to Aunty Suzanne's for the day to scrap

May 7 Ryun working

May 8 PT at Health South for Julia, Katherine goes to Ziterion Theatre with school

May 9 MOMS Club Mother's Day Craft at Marcela's 10:30, dentist at 1:30 for Sharon, Em and Kate Burtwood

May 10 MOMS Club Business Meeting at 10:15, PTA meeting at 7pm

May 11 SHOE Movie Screening at Burtwood, regular Thursday Night meeting

May 12 Kidz Planet with the MOMS Club 11:00 pm Mitchell Club Crop 6pm-11pm

May 13 Masonic CHIP program at Sipican School in Marion, 10-2

May 14 Mother's Day, brunch at my house with Marie and Pete

May 15 PT At Health South with Julia 1:30 Emily starts the Math MCAS

May 16 Em MCAS Mornings On The Move, finish Math MCAS, Em and Kate Burtwood, Creative Memories party at Kelly's

May 17 Julia EI 12:15, Em Scouts 4:30

May 18 Em appointment with Neurologist Dr C. at 5:30 (regular checkup)

May 19 MOMS Club Carnival Day at Christi's 1:00pm

May 20 Fence Party at Marie and Pete's (the son in laws going to help Pete put new fence around pool) Em Songs OF Love Girl Scout Program 9-1, Shaz and Ry party that night


May 22 Julia PT at Health South 1:30 MOMS CLUB transition meeting (so I can learn all about my new postions as Club Historian and PR Coordinator).

May 23 MOMS Club Turtle Day at Liz's 11am, Em and Kate Burtwood

May 24 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME (well us...8 years for those who were wondering)

May 25 Katherine's musical performance for kindergarten Town Hall auditorium 1:30, regular Thursday night meeting


May 27: Mimi and Papa take Em and Kate to Boston for the day, Sharon and Ryun go out for dinner/movie to celebrate 8 years of putting up with each other marriage

May 28 Paw Sox game with the Ryan Family (except for Jackie and Julia who will be spending some QT with Aunty Heather)


May 30 Em and Kate Burtwood

May 31 Julia EI 12:15 Em Girl Scouts 4:30

Keep in mind, I will somehow be fitting in once a week scrapbooking get togethers and have yet to schedule the remainder of the months PT appointments through EI.

You know what though? I love being busy and having something to do. It keeps my in check and feeling good, if not just a tiny bit frazzled!

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The Dew's said...

you know i have a week like that this week. WAIT this month too. Thought mine isnt half as intense as yours. Overwhelming sometimes isnt it??