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Friday, April 14, 2006

Where The Heck Is She?

Yeah, I am still around. There are just days that don't allow much time for blogging.

Like today for instance.

I did laundry, went food shopping, cleaned the kitchen, re-organized cabinets, entertained the kids, and finished reading, "The Da Vinci Code."

Highly recommended by the way, the book that is.

Ryun managed to clean up the pile of crap out by the garage, install new bulbs in the multitude of flood lights around the outside of the house, organize the stuff on the deck, install the gate thingy we set up around the hearth that the wood stove sits on, and fix one of the kitchen chairs that broke.

Ryun also put the screens down on all of the windows. It officially looked and felt like spring after that...what with the curtains blowing, the smell of fresh air circulating through the house and sound of the kids outside.

Emily and Katherine were outside for a good part of the day riding their bikes, rollerblading, shooting hoops and doing all of those fun spring type activities.

Tomorrow I am going to be doing some major laundry and the start of the "having 14 people over for Easter dinner" house cleaning. Don't ya just love that? You clean your house for company and in a days time it's a mess again? I love having company and entertaining though, so it's all good.

Anyway, so that explains my absence today, and my probable infrequent appearances here tomorrow or Sunday as well.

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