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Saturday, April 22, 2006


...is 21 months old today!

here are a few pictures I took or her today!

Isn't just adorable?

She has added a few words to her ever growing vocabulary over the past few days. I have finally managed to get her to verbalize the words "hi" and "bye" rather than just waving. She also says "uh oh." She said it quite appropriately today when Katherine (who BTW, we found out today has a UTI) peed her pants. Katherine came down the stairs and didn't quite make it to the bathroom. Julia observed Katherine's pant leg getting wet and said, "Uh oh Dee Dee." Dee Dee is what she calls Katherine (who occasionally lets us slip and call her Katie which is where I think Jules came up with Dee Dee). Anyway, TMI probably, but I just thought it was cute how Julia used it in context and everything.

The "I won't eat anything that requires chewing" thing is still going on (and has been for close to 7 months). I am starting to get a little concerned, but, I have an entire other entry planned for that (so, you know, stay tuned).

She is getting steadier and steadier on her feet. She's still a little bow-legged but, she is making progress every day.

Mama's girl? Yes she is! Katherine was "mine" too but Julia? Yeah, she just adores me.

If I could just close this by saying that I am completely totally in love with her? She is just so damn cute, I swear to God I could just eat her right up.


wayne said...

She seems like she has grown alot sence last time I saw her..

Sharon said...

She has, at least I think she has too! Everyday, she starts to look less and less like a "baby" and more and more like a "little girl".

Wayne said...

thats what I was thinking as I looked at those pictures..
Its like she has decided to grow up now and is doing it in leaps and bounds..