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Friday, April 21, 2006

Gay Marriage Themed Books

If you've been reading this journal (or any of my others) for any period of time, you know that I am all for gay marriage. You also know that I don't really think marriage should have any religious connotations tied to it. You love someone, you want to spend your life with them, you should be able to marry them. It really should be that simple.

Anyway, a local school has parents in an uproar over the fact that some students were read a book that depicted two men getting married.

You know, as an aside before I go off on my tangent here, I can't imagine why a teacher would choose that book, of the many available to teach children about weddings. I mean, how could the teacher not think that someone would be up in arms over this? Of course, I suppose it is possible that the teacher chose this story just because they knew it would cause controversy. Also, can you please tell me why second grade students need to be taught about weddings in school? Just wondering.

Anyway, having said that, I see absolutely nothing wrong with the book itself. The times, they are a changing as the saying goes. Gay marriage is a very real issue in this country and I see no reason why if you as a teacher, feel some strange need to teach second grade children about weddings, you can't use an example of a gay couple (I'm sorry if I sound sarcastic here. Honestly though, I can't understand what a second grade student would possibly need to know about weddings). Still though, if they are going to be taught, they may as well be shown the various types of marriages that are out there.

It's weird how kids automatically assume that men and women go together. I mean not weird but, well, I guess it seems like that automatic assumption may change in the future.

Life just isn't what it used to be...and that isn't necessarily a bad thing.


Kathy said...

NO!NO!NO! I would not want or expect a teacher to read this book to a second grader or even a sixth grader.What exactly was this teacher teaching???? I know times have changed however my question is what is wrong with children be allowed to be children?

Wayne said...

I would agree. I think its fine to teach some stuff like that on the highschool level but 2nd grade is too much.